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Customer Feedbacks

Dear Sonya,
I always feel very comfortable in your groups and seminars, accepted by the whole group. I always find your way of conveying something very natural and in free flow. What I really appreciate is that you have incredible empathy and pick everyone up where they are. You have brought me closer and closer to myself and have made me much more self-assured and self-confident. Today I can accept myself as I am.

Thank you so much Barbara

Dear Sonya,
I met you through our children. Whenever we talked to each other, your eyes put a lot of dolphin love in my heart! I wanted to get to know you better. I was very interested in your nature, your loving and light-filled nature. You helped me through difficult times with your light-filled being with the dolphin spirit. After my first women's circle
with you I knew I was right with you and I want more!
Dolphin Healing seminars and a trip to Hawaii. Swimming with the definitions. Finding my paradise. miracle of miracles!
Through you and dolphin healing, I finally felt and got to know sides within me that were already there, but which I now use for myself, my work and my family. So much love and light has come into my life that a very strong feeling of gratitude flows through me.
Our regular circles have become an integral part of my life. A gas station for my Margit soul with like-minded people.
I look forward to moving on with you in love and lightness!
Heart embrace, 


Margaret S

Sonja's approach and support bring more joy, lightness and love into my life. I recognize better and better what makes me special and what wants to come into this world through me.
I feel connected, lovingly accompanied and connected to everything. It gives me strength, gives me joy and allows me to grow. This way I can deal with challenges and crises in a more relaxed manner and accept them. I am walking this path with great gratitude. Erika B
Sonja's dolphin healing made me want to dive deeper into worlds that enrich my life.
The lightness of being a dolphin, an expanding expanse and being connected at the same time, sustainably strengthens me in my everyday life. THANKS!
Thank you for the miracles, the joy and the lasting connection in the circle!


Veronica R

About 4 years ago I was with Sonja for the first time.

From that point on, my life changed completely. The work Sonja does is great. And every session was a gift for me.
I hope that many will take the time and dare to go there.

Bernhard R

"I have been working with Sonja for about two years now and she has been a blessing to me.
She is not only an excellent psychologist, but she also has become a real life coach to me. She has been helping me overcome many of my personal issues, through identifying them as well as the impact they had on my thoughts and daily life, to then help me better face them and address them with lightness and self-love.
She helped me see things through a different angle and guided me in gaining a spiritual understanding of the life-path I am engaging on. This shift in perspective has been key in many improvements I have done over the past months. I feel much more in tune with who I am and much more aligned with my values. I have learned to accept and embrace who I truly am as well as what is really right for me.
Sonja has also helped me to recognize all my strengths and to develop a lot more self-confidence.
Every time we work together, I can see how involved she is, how much she cares about my evolution and I have developed great trust in her. I am also very grateful that every time I go through something outside of the sessions we have, I can nonetheless write to her, share how I feel at that very moment and then we can work on it together during our next session.
She has always been available for me, and each time we finish our sessions, I am sure to have a smile on my face. Thank you so much Sonja, from the bottom of my heart."

Stephanie C.

Dear Sonya,
I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
You made me feel lighter through your coaching.
Guided me back to my beautiful core and helped me to discover my true ME.
With your help I have learned to let things go - but not with pain & sadness, but with love and gratitude -
Out of this love, unbelievable things have come about that I could never have imagined.
I am incredibly grateful to you for accompanying me on my life path, for all the constructive, strengthening words and above all that you have led me to the power of my heart.

Cornelia S

What I particularly appreciate about Sonja Hagen's work is the energy work, supported by Sonja's well-founded psychological knowledge and a lot of experience. Knowledge, intuition and a feeling for the heart result in a comprehensive picture of a situation, so that a clarification can be seen,  a solution. The energy work then also brings the initial spark for healing. The high frequencies help the solution to manifest itself,  they bring salvation.

No matter what situation I am in,  whether something is bothering me,  I want to find myself again,  I have questions to the life or I just want to treat myself to something good again, I experience dolphin healing as so wonderful and enriching every time! 


Renate K

From the moment we first met, I went on a journey with Sonja. A journey far beyond my imagination at the time. A journey into a life of freedom, lightness and joy and unconditional love. Whether in mediations to the most distant galaxies or sailing and swimming with dolphins. Sonja is pure love. Nothing is impossible anymore. 


Christina C

Dear Sonya,
dolphin healing has completely changed my life. Because of you and the dolphins, lightness and joy have come into my life - to an extent that I could not even have dreamed of. I am so happy and thankful that you exist.


Karen M

I always look forward to meeting Sonja and the people around "Dolphin Healing"/"Wings of Joy". What I experience here is an authentic space in which everyone can be there as they are. A loving, appreciative attitude towards others is the basis of these meetings. The direction is joy. There's always a lot of laughter and I'm also welcome if I'm not feeling well. I experience these meetings as very nurturing in every way. Sonja's relationship and connection to the dolphins brought me closer to these very special creatures. I am very grateful for that.

Corinna K

With great gratitude I confirm the high effectiveness of DOLPHIN HEALING.
This method is taught in 3 modules. I experienced it myself as a special "training", a kind of initiation in order  to get into ever higher frequency ranges . Through consistent practice and alignment and application to clients, a permanent increase in frequency can be anchored in our system, which can lead to a change in both internal and external perception.
Sonja conveys her creation to us - the DOLPHIN HEALING-  in such a wonderfully natural and simple way and  manner  that it is a real pleasure .
Sometimes this type of training is underestimated. But by the high effectiveness  on ourselves and in the application, the great effectiveness of DH is immediately confirmed.
This is a new way  -  a new way for this new time. It is the  FEMALE PATH.  This path is being born into this world NOW and Sonja is helping us to anchor it on earth, to establish it.
Thank you Sonja you big LOVE LIGHT.

Gabrielle S

Dear Sonya,
I've taken advantage of your coaching a few times, including now with my big life issue. I am so grateful for what I can implement and transform with your help so quickly, profoundly and yet with a feeling of lightness. Although I am not personally present with you due to the current situation and we work via social media, everything works very easily and uncomplicated. I can experience such profound positive changes and release blockages. Whether cleaning up first, with a journey through the galaxy or back to my childhood - everything is initiated and accompanied by you gently and with soothing guidance. And if inner question marks arise after a coaching session, you are at my side at the right moment with advice and exercises. It is magical to attend coaching sessions with you and to experience the many small miracles afterwards, even if you sometimes have to dive through the pain for a moment. Thank you very much for your work 💕

Claudia K

Sonja opened a door that I had totally closed, I felt trust again and the courage to listen to my inner inspiration, to do what really makes me happy and fulfills me, because that makes me shine for myself and others - ever since a lot has changed in me and my life and this is just the beginning.

Brigitte B

Sonja showed me that I am a strong, young woman and that I can do anything I want. The time with her helped me to accept and master what was perhaps the biggest challenge of my life so far.
I am eternally grateful to her for that.

Michaela G

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