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The heart of my work

dolphin healing is a new, simple and efficient way to increase well-being, awareness and health on all levels.


dolphin healing is based on frequency transmission.


What happens during a dolphin healing session?


  • As clients relax on a massage table, we connect them to the highest frequency by moving our palms over the body without touching the client directly.


  • This increase in frequency triggers a change right down to the cell nucleus, setting a process in motion. Sometimes the effects are visible spontaneously, but mostly there are long-term positive changes in the lives of these people. Animals and plants also react extremely quickly and positively to the highest dolphin frequency.



We work with the qualities of the dolphins

  • Love, joy, lightness, freedom, strength and mobility -


and we support people in consciously shaping their lives. 


It is a path that is entirely new, a knowledge older than mankind and implemented with joyful ease.

Your dolphin healing session can take place in my practice or as a distance session.

The results are equally impressive!


A session lasts 60 minutes. 


My recommendation for a lasting effect: 3 sessions in quick succession or a combination of dolphin healing and coaching (more on this in the section"Dolphin Wings Academy")

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