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€ 555,- 

Becoming Super Human
15.06. - 06/18/2023
Strandhotel Weissensee in Carinthia

This retreat will expand your consciousness, raise your energy and vibrational frequency and support you in becoming the person you always wanted to be and have always been! Now is the time. To you!


It's up to you to become a multidimensional change maker!

Sustainable support has always been a concern of my team and I.

We call it the "feminine way"

In plain language this means:

  • A personal ZOOM call before the retreat (duration 60 - 120 minutes)

  • 4 days live retreat at the Strandhotel Weissensee

  • A group ZOOM call 2 months after the retreat (duration 60 – 120 minutes)


What's waiting for you:

  • In this retreat we playfully experience a large part of the ingredients that help us to get out of old limitations and become a super human: we move, we breathe consciously, we eat healthy, we enjoy and laugh in loving community, we extinguish Energies and emotions that hinder us, we think consciously, we feel consciously and we learn tools to deal with time and to manifest our dreams.

  • Biohacking - how to program your subconscious with new information so that you have full support to manifest the life of your dreams

  • We deal with the multiverse and all the possibilities that lie within it for us humans. The better we can use the possibilities of this multiverse, the easier it is for us to awaken abilities in ourselves with which we can create heaven on earth.

  • The energy of space and time - what is time, how do we experience time and how can we use time as energy to our advantage?

  • The Art of Quantum Jumping –  we connect the reality, the timeline we desire with ourselves NOW

  • Our "new" currency is the frequency of vibration - in a playful way we raise it and learn to play with timelines naturally, so that in the future we can consciously choose which reality is ours.

  • Embodiment – how can I embody what I want to manifest and experience so that it IS

  • Yoga with Elisabeth Kaindl

  • Group healing raises your vibrational frequency and well-being on all levels

  • Meditations and guided inner journeys to activate your luminous potential

  • Joy, enjoyment, laughter, singing, enjoying community



This exclusive retreat is for people

. ... who are willing to immerse themselves for 4 days in a wonderful atmosphere together with appreciative other people, to go deep, to transform, to have fun, to move and to enjoy.

 ... who are willing to go beyond apparent limits for themselves and their dreams.

 ... who are curious and who have recognized that it is time to neutralize negative conditioning that controls us from the subconscious and prevents our happiness.

 ... who want to enjoy a fulfilling and joyful life. Now and in the future!


Financial compensation:


Early Bird booking until April 30th, 2023:€ 399,-

Booking from 01.05.2023:€ 555,-


(The contribution is to be paid to Mag.a Sonja Hagen directly after registration.)





seminar locationis the beautiful beach hotel on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria.


More information and room bookingplease contact the hotel directly: or 

by phone at +4347132219

Image by Aydin Hassan

Weissensee (c) Aydin Hassan

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