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Blaues Wasser

 Atlantis Dolphin Retreat 

 Exclusive live event in Portugal 

 from 05.09. - 09.09.2022 

This retreat..

strengthens you in enjoying a life of ease, joy and love despite the current challenges

nourishes your unity consciousness and your sense of community

strengthens you if you want to be a contribution to the world

helps you to gain more clarity about yourself and your path

your soul mission

opens your heart to receive the good and the beautiful

Limited number of participants


with Sonja Hagen

Psychologist & Life Coach

The offer

Villa La Perla (1).png
Villa La Perla (3).png

5 days daytime stay in the

Seminar Villa

Vegan dishes daily

Rituals, healing sessions and activations

Villa La Perla (9).png
29597505_1179610448842585_3600726244905567215_n (2).jpg

Boat trip to the wild dolphins

Excursions to the most beautiful beaches
Teachings in the seminar room

Among other things:

Karma release

A focus talk with

one of Sonya

trained coach 

Singing and dancing

Not included in the price:

Arrival at the seminar location

(Flight, rental car or taxi)

1 lunch am

Boat trip day

Overnight stays


What you in this
Retreat expected:

5 days in a dreamy villa in the magical Algarve in Portugal


You will be accompanied and carried by Sonja and a powerful circle of women


You are bathing in high vibrational frequency, joy and pleasure


You spend time in the group in the seminar room, in the Atlantis pool and on special beaches and places of power by the sea


You will receive a focus discussion in the small group as well as group healing sessions


You learn about the connection between Atlantis and the dolphins


You will experience a quantum leap meditation into another timeline so that you can unfold your potential with ease and manifest the life of your dreams with ease


You enjoy being together with others in a wonderful place


You enjoy freshly prepared vegan high-vibration dishes


You will join the others on a boat trip to see free-living dolphins

You are invited to dinner at a seaside restaurant

on the last day of the retreat

Villa La Perla

Villa La Perla (1).png

The Villa La Perla will be our seminar location. It has an outdoor pool, a kitchen where we get vegan meals prepared every day and its own seminar room. This is where most of our sessions will take place.

What this retreat with you
can cause 

Fulfilling, recognizing and expanding your worth


Recognizing and solving collective blockages


Recognizing the inner conflict of prosperity and developing an awareness that it is good for you and for the big picture to get out of the cage of shortages


The importance and influence of vibrational frequencies on our consciousness, our health and our life system


We deal with the question of what the history of Atlantis has to do with the current situation of mankind. How can we positively influence our own lives and world affairs?


You will experience the connection between unity consciousness and the power of manifestation


You will find that the opposite of unity consciousness is separation; the sense of separation from Divine Abundance and unconditional love


You will experience that you are not separate from the Divine Source and never have been.


You will understand that conscious manifesting is an expression of your divinity.

29597505_1179610448842585_3600726244905567215_n (2).jpg

Questions that will concern us:

"How can we live stably, joyfully and with ease in such challenging times?"

"How can we be healthy and content with all the stresses on the outside?"

"How can we be a contribution to a peaceful new world?"

These dishes await us:

We are served by a vegan cook several times a day with 

the finest dishes are cooked.

-5859432021904963774_121 (002).jpg

5 x Power Smoothie at the beginning
every seminar day

4 light freshly prepared vegan lunches

4 times freshly prepared vegan dinner


This retreat is for you...

if you live the joy and this high vibrational frequency as a standard of livingwant to hold


when you participate in a world of unity consciousness, community, easeand enjoy making a contribution

if you want to learn how to manifest your lifelong dream with ease


if you feel the fascination of Atlantis and feel called to dive deeper

if you love dolphins and whales


Get ready - be there -
immerse yourself with us - pure joie de vivre!!!


Atlantis Dolphin Retreat

Secure your ticket:

€2.640,-(VAT included.)


By booking you accept themConditions.

After booking you will receive a confirmation email.

Hello, you radiant human being

Secure your ticket for a new era!

The live retreat will take place from

05.09. - 09.09.2022held in Portugal

and is exclusive.

There are only 15 places. 


I look forward to a wonderful time with you in Portugal!

See you soon,


Contact: +4369911070519 Helferstorferstrasse 28, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf

  2022 by Sonja Hagen

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