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Beruflicher Werdegang

Professional background

I have been working professionally since 1989 and I am always busy accompanying, teaching and coaching people so that they are able to shape their lives in such a way that they are happy. As a visionary, I love the idea that we can create paradise on earth together. 

My fundamental interest in spirituality and my love for the sea, dolphins and whales have shaped me personally and my professional path.


I have dolphin healinG as well as thatexpansion trainingdeveloped, possibilities of simple and effective frequency increase and increase of well-being.


In January 2009 I founded dolphin wings. On this basis, I dedicate myself to the conception and implementation of visionary large-scale projects, the development ofdolphin wings academyand my energetic and spiritual work in order to be able to support people as efficiently and lovingly as possible.

As part of thedolphin wings academyyou can get to know my work in different ways:

training todolphin healing practitioner

Training as an expansion trainer

workshops and seminars

women's circles


Forest school for children and young people


II can look back on many years of teaching and coaching work with children, young people and adults and have been involved in health-promoting projects in the school sector, including the Spielraum project, a 4-year preventive measure against addictions at a Viennese elementary school, which was awarded the City of Vienna Health Prize became.

I have been working as a trainer and lecturer in the field of parent coaching since 2005.


"I am perfect. The somewhat different parenting book"was published by Irdana Verlag.

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